2nd Project meeting in TORINO

The second partner meeting of BEVIN project has been held in Torino on 30th and 31st of May. Volontariato Torino – Vol.To hosted the meeting in the headquarter in the centre of Torino.

Each partner presented the work done and the updates in the process of collecting effective tools for the database. The result was good but some work has still to be done to reach the goal and launch the database. Especially was noted that in small countries was not easy to find many tools. Each partner gave an overview about the work done with the stakeholders and within the local contest.

Delphi method of evolution was presented and the process to be applied it in the project was set up. The last part of the meeting was dedicated to give advise on how to use adminproject, the innovative project management tool used by the partnership. The partners also revised administrative issues and they planned the next meeting that is going to be in Majorca in January.