About meeting in Latvia and events

Biedrība Eurofortis organized 5 meetings in Latvia and presented the project to VET specialists, headmasters, stakeholders and professionals. Meetings were organized in 5 schools and VET institutions (Cēsis Professional Secondary School; Riga Vocational School No.3; Riga Vocational School of Tourism and Creative Industries; Riga Trade Vocational Secondary School; Riga State Technical School). These events were meant to raise awarness of the BEVIN project.
The meetings started with introduction in to the project, it’s aims and results. Then we moved on to the platform and its various features. During a practical demonstration of the tool, all features and opportunities were explained. Participants were very interested in the platform and were eager to try it out for themselves.

The participants were happy with their participation in the events and asked a lot of questions regarding the platform and its usage. They were happy to try it on their own time and to tell more about it to their students, colleagues and peers. The events were successful because participants were interested in the project and wished to use the data base.