Another meeting of partners in the BEVIN project

Four partner meetings have been planned in the project BEVIN – dataBase of Effective opportunities in the field of Validation of non-formal and Informal learning. The third meeting took place in Mallorca, Spain on 12th – 13th January 2017. The meeting started with the presentation of the initial database of effective tools for validating competences acquired through non-formal and informal learning and also included the presentation of the initial validation opportunities trend analyzer.

The above mentioned results have been worked out by partners at the first stage of cooperation. The database and analyzer will be analyzed and tested by experts during the second year of project implementation. Participants of the meeting discussed the phase of the Delphi Method. This method will be used at the testing stage. It belongs to a group of heuristic methods, makes use of the knowledge, experience and opinions of experts in a specific field. Partners have put stress on the testing phase, which will be critical for the project.

The project coordinator drew attention to the dissemination of results and project evaluation. Participants established a date for their next and final meeting in Riga, Latvia. It will be hosted by Biedriba Eurofortis. The meeting will take place in August 2017 and will be attended by partners from Latvia, Spain, Italy and Poland.