BEVIN Database – we invite you to test the beta version

“Database of effective tools for validation of non-formal and informal learning” is going to be an innovative repository of validation tools applicable in non-formal and informal learning. However, the goal is not about repeating information available in different databases. The strong focus was put on selection, evaluation, aggregating and description of effective tools with the use of additional meta tags, that will support and simplify the process of exploring the database, ensuring good quality searches, at the same time.
The database still needs some changes and improvements but definitely already at this stage we invite all the stakeholders to explore, test and evaluate Bevin Database in terms of its usefulness in facilitating the validation of non-formal and informal learning. We start our official testing which means that we have prepared research tools for professional collection of your opinions and comments. At the same time we encourage you to share with us your insights in an informal and non-formal way 😉
Emails, social media comments, traditional letters or face-to-face meetings. All forms of communication are allowed and accepted, the main goal here is to get to know your opinion, and then to improve our database.
The database is available at
Right now English version is available, further language versions will appear just after the testing phase. We wish you a fruitful use of the database and the positive results of validation of your skills acquired by non-formal and informal learning.