BEVIN – Kick off Meeting

Project BEVIN – dataBase of Effective opportunities in the field of Validation of non-formal and Informal learning aims at helping adult learners in informal and non-formal education but is also aligned with one of the main priorities in adult education – informing on the availability of adult education services, which means giving information on the subject of informal and non-formal learning validation, career and education.

The first partners’ meeting was held at the Project Coordinator’s, that is the Association „Center for Education and Enterprise Support” on 9-10 December 2015 in Rzeszów.

On the meeting partners presented their institutions: „Center for Education and Enterpise Support” (CWEP) – coordinator, Biedriba Eurofortis – Latvia, Runi Centar – Bulgaria, Sea Teach – Spain, VOL.TO – Italy.

The main objectives of the project were described:

  • developing database of effective tools for validation of non-formal and informal learning;
  • developing validation opportunities trends analyzer;
  • defining the following terms: informal and non-formal education.

Project’s partners had a thorough discussion concerning the dissemination of the project’s results. The dissemination means actions taken in order to ensure proper recognition, demonstration and implementation  of the results of Erasmus+ and preceding programs on a large scale. Partners agreed that the results of BEVIN project should be disseminated extensively using various methods and techniques, as they will have a significant impact on society of all European Union countries.