FOCUS ITALY: Skills gained thorough Volunteering have to be certificated

In Italy volunteering is wide spread within people from all ages. The National Statistic Office underlined that in 2013 are been 6,63 millions the Italian citizens that volunteered at list once, and the large part of them, almost 4 millions, did it within an organizations. So the recognition and validation of competence in this field is a key issue.
The Volunteering Service Centres, regulated by law (266/91) are the main actors for the promotion, facilitation of cooperation and information exchange in the area of volunteering in Italy, for that reason many Centred worked in the creation of tools for the recognition and validation of competences gained thorough volunteering. In the BEVIN database you will be able to find all of them. We give here one example:

E-VOC: ONLINE TRAINING FOR VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS ON THE VALIDATION OF COMPETENCES, coordinated by the Spanish Volunteering Platform with CSVnet, the Italian Volunteer support Centres’s Network and other partner form Netherland and Ireland. It aims at improving the offer, accessibility and quality of training for Volunteer Coordinators on the validation of volunteer competences. To do so, four organisations from four European countries have joined forces to develop the first open and multilingual online training course for Volunteer Coordinators on the validation of non formal learning competences in the voluntary sector. The project has stated in October 2016 and the first release of the course will be available in September 2017.