Insights I – How to make visible and value skills and competence of refugees: exchanging national approaches and experiences

The 28th and 29th April 2016 in Hague, Netherland, It is being held the Peer Learning Activity of the EQF Advisory Group titled “How to make visible and value skills and competence of refugees: exchanging national approaches and experiences” organized by the Center for the Development of Vocational Training – CEDEFOP. The Center is an organization that supports development of European vocational education and training (VET) policies and contributes to their implementation.

The goal of the conferences is to provide the possibility for stakeholders and National experts to exchange of experiences about approaches developed locally, nationally and at European level to underline skills, values and ability of refugees. The activities are organized by CEDEFOP in cooperation with the Dutch National Coordination Point ECVET, the Dutch Nation Coordination Point NLQF and European Commission.

The following three challenges inform the work of the PLA:

  • Existing national recognition, validation and/or guidance/counselling systems have not been designed to deal with the current situation, neither in terms of number of individuals to be ‘processed’ nor in term of the particular problems caused by language, cultural background and (in some cases) lack of written, formal documentation.
  • While some stakeholders at local, national and European level have recognised the need for initiatives to be taken in this area, developments seems generally to be slow and unevenly distributed between and within countries.
  • So far there has been no systematic sharing of experiences and solutions in this area. This means that developments take place in isolation from each other, potentially causing loss of time and money and preventing synergies to develop.

The participation to the workshop is on invitation only. More info and materials at: