The final BEVIN Seminar in Spain

The final BEVIN seminar in Palma de Mallorca on 21st September 2017 gathered 50 participants from 41 institutions. These included participants from the Balearic University UBI, members of non-profit associations,
freelance tutors and teachers, owners and email land yees from SMEs, delegates from trade association and representatives from public institutions.
The seminar started with a plenary session that explained the aims and objectives of the BEVIN project. In the next part the seminar participants were introduced to the BEVIN database. They were then offered to experience the BEVIN database and the Trend Analyzer in smaller groups in form of workshops.

The participants were all very interested in the BEVIN database and the Trends Analyzer as they are engaged in working with young people or adults who are eager to find some form of formalizing their informal and non-formal skills. For many young people or also adults the BEVIN database opens the door to a previously hidden world of validation tools that can increase their chances for the employment or career move. It is therefore expected that the BEVIN tools will find frequent use in Spain and deliver valuable results and help to a wide variety of its stakeholders.