The main results of the BEVIN project were presented to the audience at meetings in all partner countries

Each partner has organized Multiplier Event in the form of conferences disseminating outcomes of the project among the target group. Each conference consisted of two main parts:

  1. Official presentation of the aim of the project and brief summary of the actions taken and presentation of achievements;
  2. Workshops for the participants – methods of using the base and the possibility of its development (O1), together with practical recommendations; trends analyzer in practice (O2).

The 19th of September CWEP hosted the final event of BEVIN project. The conference was attended by 50 people, representatives of non-governmental organizations, educational and validation institutions, teachers, trainers and above all: adults who are in the process of, or are planning, validation of their competences acquired through non-formal and/or informal learning. The participants were all very interested in the BEVIN database and the Trends Analyzer. Most of them have declared regular use for validation purposes. All of the participants expressed their satisfaction with the project, the quality of the results. We hope that also readers will join to the happy users of our database.

The database is available at
We wish you a fruitful use of the database and the positive results of validation of your skills acquired by non-formal and informal learning.