The volunteer sector should look at BEVIN project – Some insight after the multiplier event in Torino

The 26th of September Vol.To hosted the final event of BEVIN project. More then 60 people form volunteering and VET sector came to attend the event and discover the potentiality of BEVIN tool. The workshop was a big success due to the fact that in Italy there is still a great need of information on the topic of validation of competences gained in non formal and informal context. Piedmont region was one of the first local authorities that designed its own guideline booklet to validate those skills, in this prospective the participation of the representative form the Regional Body was a great achievement for Vol.To and all BEVIN team. Piedmont officer present the current situation in Italy and the possible next scenarios. The presentation of the outcome of the project was also the occasion to discus the new National Law on Civil Service where the validation of competences is a mandatory issue.

At the end we could say that the release of BEVIN outcomes and the end of the project is just a staring point to raise awareness and develop knowledge about this topic among the volunteering sector and its stakeholder. So Vol.To decided not to stop here the work on validation but to go through inviting in the next December the experts form the Government to focus deeper on this topic